What ever happened to the ancient spartans?

Were they wiped out by a plague, romans, other greeks? They seemed to be really dominant then they just disapeared, how come? Also, what became of their warrior society?


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  • The fame of Sparta stems from a quite short period. (431–404 BC, Peloponnesian war)
    it maintained its political independence until the Roman conquest of Greece in 146 BC. It then underwent a long period of decline, especially in the Middle Ages, when many Spartans moved to live in Mystras*. Modern Sparta is the capital of the Greek regional unit of Laconia and a center for the processing of goods such as citrus and olives.

    *Mystras is a nearby town, once fortified, it served as the capital of the Byzantine Despotate of the Morea in the 14th and 15th centuries.


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  • I bet the bloodlines still exist. I bet they're fucking elite and hot as fuck.

  • To a large extent they just dwindled away. There weren't that many of them, and they didn't accept new people (they had slaves etc). S o the 'true spartans' were only so many families, and they would go to war, and lose a few, and a few more and a few more till at one point in spartan history there were really only about 100 families and 700 'spartan' warriors. Meanwhile the kingdoms around them were growing from city states to empires, and they became irrelevant, and were eventually one not very notable city sacked by a wave of visigoths.