Ever found yourself naked in the 'birth of venus' pose?

I have. When I was about 16, 8 of my friends were round in a little annex we have off the side of our house. I went up to hae a shower at around 8 while they were playing blackjack because I don't like blackjack. Two of them are guys, the other 6 are girls. Anyway, while I was getting out one of the guys - a really shy guy the same age as me, who I found really attractive - walked in to wash his hands after he slipped over in the mud outside. For a split second I'm pretty sure he got a full view of my boobs, but I managed to cover the appropriate parts immediately. We actually had a little conversation. It was quite funny.

Any of you ever found yourselves in this pose? Or the male version?


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  • He is one of the luckiest guys he knows probably.


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