What is his problem?

Some dude I train with at a gym is acting rude. Usually after a hard training session group members give prop/hugs. But he seems nervous to hug? Like he put his hands on my chest to stop me, then rubbed my shoulders - like being friendly but keeping distance. One time when we were training we had to be in this clinch position which is REALLY close body contact, while we were in that position we were locked up fora few good seconds while I was asking him the steps to finish. Once I pulled my body off him he looked really uncomfotable. It was weird. I don't get it? I am just doing what we were supposed to. Since then he doesn't get too physically close to me. And I doubt he's attracted, he has a wife that he really loves.



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  • Hmm, I don't think he is being rude, more like super uncomfortable and therefore acting weird and awkward. I have been going to gyms for many years and never heard of a workout class that ends in hugs. That honestly does sound a bit weird to me. No offence. The other close contact training you are doing is obviously inside his personal bubble and makes him act this way. I just think your technique of training isn't for him.

    • You clearly don't fight train. We ALL hug as a sign of respect after killing each other. This is not lifting, bro.

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    • I actually don't like hugging but do it out of respect. He hugs everyone else no prob so it's weird. By the way, sorry I offender you. Hugs 😊

    • I said hugs! Are you so narrow minded you can't say it back! Wtf is your problem!

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  • And the last sentence answers the whole.

    • Nice answer, NOT.

    • Let me try again, a little more long-windedly. If you live your wife and really want to be faithful, it's bestto avoid temptation whenever possible. Many religious people do not allow themselves to touch a member of the opposite sex for this reason.

      Evidently you are hot enough than he either feels temptedor is afraid he would be tempted by your beauty, so he avoids contact.

  • He likes u but he needs to keep his distance because he's married...

    • I doubt it's attraction. I look NOTHING like his wife. She's white, for starters.

    • Mayb its cuz u dont look like his wife... Im kinda in the same situation.. Thus married woman has a crush on me and i have a crush on her.. So i have to keep my distance before something bad happens... Likingba woman but not bekng able to have her is the only reason a guy will act like that.. Unless you have cooties

  • If I have a wife I won't even touch you so I think it's bc of his wife

    • NO. You don't understand, IT IS TRAINING. Nothing sexual. All people in committed relationships lock up for the drills. If you can't do that, then you shouldn't be there. It has NOTHING to do with that. I don;t get his weird behaviour.

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    • You're black?

    • Mexican, & thick.

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