HELP What's happening to me?

I've never really liked music artists. Just really like my chemical romance and fall out boy and had no romantic liking to any music artists.

But I just got a really sudden liking for Justin Bieber. He has great music. He has a great face, body 😉

My best friend when she was my age (she's fifteen now. I was only 11 and she was 13) she had a whole collection of Justin Bieber and she was obsessed and I never saw it. Is it me growing up or am I ill?

Is something wrong with me?


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  • Dude. I had a 'crush' on bieber when I was 12-13 too. I think it's normal lol

    • Ok. As long as its thought to be normal. I might just live, unless I confess to my friends. Then I'm dead meat 😂

    • Don't say anything about it to ur friends.. Just get another 'crush' on some cool guy or something lol you'll be over him b4 u know it

    • Ok, game plan is sorted then. thanks

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  • Stop. Go back and listen to From Under the Cork Tree and The Black Parade on repeat.
    Also listen to Sum 41, blink-182, Panic! at the Disco, and The Offspring.

    • I do all the time, mostly mcr and P! atd on repeat. But I just can't help, I just accidently click on my Bieber playlist

  • You're really sick, you need to listen to some Pink Floyd and watch some Tom Selleck films, real music and an example of a real man are the only antidote to such faggotry.


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