Why do people think I need them?

So my time in college has been a great and Terrible, its just like HS all over again. I thought coming here i would have a wonderful time and make memories that i would not ever forget but I guess I was wrong. I have had girls say awful things about me and spread rumors and all this extra crap. I just became unwelcomed to someone dorms because i said y'all get on my fucking nerves, so i guess i lost the only friends that i am going to have for the rest of my time in college and thats fine. Im use to this kind of stuff, i just hate when i get comfortable around people they just turn on you and just go. So is there something wrong with me or is it the certain people i let into my life?


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  • There is nothing wrong with you. Nothing at all. When it comes to people especially others in the same age range, they either feel intimidated by you and feel like they have to lash out, or the see you as weak/shy and a easy target. It is a terrible thing, bullying. Have you tried talking to a counselor about it. Due to the anti-bullying movement happening now you should have a fair case to try and solve the situation.

    • no I have not, everyone thinks I'm crazy. they think I'm weird and crazy! I know something is wrong with me but I don't want help, because they are just going to lock me up in an insane asylum

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    • well i don't know what to say. Just stay comfortable with who you are and don't read too much into what people think.

    • thank you for your help,

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