My gym daily meal plan help?

I need to bulk and gain weight I was always the superskinny guy because of my fast metabolism.

So here's 2500 calorie only, I'll need at least 3000 calories/day for start than I'll give +500 calories if I won't gain any weight, this plan is from someone I took. Only problem is there are only 56 g fats, I need at least 160g of fats how can I increase that fats what would be the best way?

My gym daily meal plan help!?
Thank you for your help!


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  • Wow sounds awesome u have a plan! I play it by the ear! I really need to be more of a planing person! hahah !


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  • You need more calories man, trust me! you have to eat like a horse!! lol im naturally so skinny too!! PM me for more :) im glad to help!
    Looks great too. I can tell youve done your homework, don't skip out on fats!


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  • If you want more fats, go with chicken legs or something instead of chicken breasts.


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