I've never done anything bad in my life!!! I'm so paranoid about this. Help me!! Serious answers only?

So my coworker has been dizzy for the past week and he doesn't have insurance and he has tried over the counter stuff and home remedies but nothing has helped. I had a prescribed medicine and I only used it once and it helped me! Its not a narcotic or anything. Its just a generic syrup for nausea and vomiting. I mentioned I had this and he asked if he could have it so today I peeled off the sticker so my information wasn't on there and in the elevator I gave it to him but now I feel Paranoid for some reason!!! :( I just wanted to help somebody but why do I feel paranoid? Help!!! If it was wrong, what do I do?


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  • If he dies, you'll get in trouble.

    On a side note stop being a goodie two shoe


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  • Well anyone knows that you shouldn't take anyone else prescription, so if he ends up feeling shittier thats his problem. You just ask him for a follow up


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  • By the letter of the law you broke it but I wouldn't worry


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