What is the one thing you did in your past you wish you could undo?

... anything

undo it... ;-)
vostro quou pousyt
just share it


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  • I wish I hadn't given up on so many great women. Due to insecurities about my looks and morbid fear of rejection, I never approached the women I liked. instead, I distanced myself from them and killed the feelings I had for them. :(

  • I wish I didn't have sex with 4 prostitutes in August 2015. I've went to check for HIV five times now and I checked for other STDs 3 times. The first four HIV tests said I have no HIV and the first 2 sets of tests for every other STD said I have no STDs. The last 3 sets of tests I did for HIV and other STDs was on November 6, November 11, and November 25. I fucking hate this planet.

    • I mean I used condoms when I penetrated them. However, the first prostitute told me to grab her waist and ass and grind her pussy with my cock without a condom in the shower. Her pussy was too tight when I penetrated her later in bed, it felt like my penis was breaking and then I got this weird itch afterwards from fucking her, there were no visible physical symptoms, I did some research online, apparently if a condom gets too tight during sex, it can make the penis itchy, ROFL. I hate this planet. It was the first time I had sex with a girl, so I guess it was also because my penis was a noob with vaginal sex. I hate this planet.

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    • I know I'll never meet the one I love in this lifetime. I know my soulmate wants someone else. I don't think I even have a soulmate anymore. I probably never did. I truly am alone as a Spirit. So, I give up on finding love and I give up my dreams of having a real sex life. I hope I'm done with this planet because I'm fucking tired. My last mission is to make the Venus Project and the Free World Charter a reality. I hope humanity doesn't waste this opportunity I create for everyone. I have no desire to return to Earth after this. I'm too old and tired for humanity's garbage. A human with a sex life will always outperform a human without a sex life. It's ridiculous that I have to be the one that sacrifices himself for this retarded planet. There are Spirits with bodies much stronger than mine, but there is no Spirit in this multiverse equal to mine. Humanity doesn't deserve my best, but I have to help humanity anyway. That's what being a true benevolent creator means.

    • While everyone's true future in the multiverse is eternal light and eternal bliss, my true future is eternal darkness and eternal emptiness. In order to remain a true benevolent creator, one Spirit must sacrifice it's happiness in order for everyone else to experience eternal happiness. This is the only way to keep balance in everything and nothing. I thought I would experience happiness for once in this lifetime, but I guess not. I just want to sleep for eternity. I don't want to be awakened again. It would be even better if my Spirit was destroyed, but then everything would become chaotic forever. The cosmos can only exist with my existence.