Anyone here who uses Google AdSense?

Can we earn money if no one clicks the advertisement also? ( Youtube )


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  • Yeah I have adsense. The important thing is the impression rather than the views. However, views are important too. More views = bigger impression.. If no one views your video much, I suggest you log on to a computer with different IP address (different internet connection). Try the school/work/college/internet cafe computer. Open your videos in loads of tabs and that will have an effect, oh and make sure you click on the ads too.

    • Why I have only $0.42 :( ? Any idea? How can I increase my CPC?
      This is my AdSense data connected with my YouTube account. I cannot see my data on YouTube

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    • Can I use proxy server to increase my CPC?

    • Im not sure. As far as im aware, as long as its different ip, you can do load the video with ad on it but you're gonna have to open multiple tabs to have multiple views and ad clicks

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  • Yes u get money
    Getting paid by clicks is something for very high traffic sites, most places use per view to get paid

    • If they watch only 5/6 seconds of my video then?

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    • How much views I have to make in single video to get $1.00 ?

    • Well u make roughly 2$ per 1000 views
      But the rate flatutates depending on audience, geographic location and tiem fo the day