Organization Question: What would you do?

You have 13 distinct tasks each with it's own difficulty. In which order would you do them? You must complete them all.

  • Easiest tasks first
    Vote A
  • Hardest tasks first
    Vote B
  • Alternate, Easy first
    Vote C
  • Alternate, Hard first
    Vote D
  • Most insteresting to least interesting
    Vote E
  • Least interesting to most interesting
    Vote F
  • Other
    Vote G
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  • Start with the hardest and work my way to the easiest


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What Girls Said 1

  • Always start with the easiest. Like in school when I'm doing a test, I start with the easiest one, that way I'm sure to get it right and then the hard ones after


What Guys Said 1

  • Good question. I every time would pick the hardest first. I always have even from the age of 2. I would eat my nasty ass veggies then to the good stuff.

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