Anyone else miss myspace?

not just the site but just in general those days. i was so into social media because of it, i was alwayys on MySpace changing my profile and music and talking to random people, and just had so many good memories around those years. now im never on any social media because its all just lame to me, and this new music sucks, i feel like im stuck in the past sometimes because i often miss it all and am always listening to older music


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  • I wasn't really a fan of MySpace. The amount of customisation it allowed, made for a very inconsistent experience while trying to browse user profiles. It also seems really complicated to use.

    • really? ha i loved the way it was i loved everything about it, and then i made a facebook because it was like the new thing, but it was just so basic and boring nothing interesting like can't even put music on your page or make a profile, so i got bored quick and deleted it and now the only form of social media i have is a snapchat.

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    • oh i see. yeah i have some really old account on facebook where i deleted everything and everyone that i ones in a while remember about and go on just to see what everyone's been up to or to find someone, if i want to know something or if i reallyy need to contact them and dont have their number

    • Yeah, just keep the account, but don't use it until it's absolutely essential!

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  • My space was so stupid in my opinion lol
    IG is stupid and now Facebook is stupid. Snap chat is the only one that I like lol.

    • i dont like instagram or facebook, and the only form of social media i have is snapchat, but i LOVED MySpace that was the shit back then

    • On MySpace I would put stupid country songs up and modify the HTML to hide the player so all my friends were subjected to my music, unless they muted their PC lol

      And remember the drama.. What! I'm not in your top 10 friends!! Wth? Haha good memories

    • haha oh wow i remember putting fergalicious as my main song (x
      and yeah i remember that aha and "why am i not your first friend?" thats why i always put my sister as my first friend. and i remember how everyone would talk through comments instead of just messaging everything.

  • I suffer no such nostalgia.

  • MySpace tanked around 2009, what are 12 year olds doing on social media?

    • i was 10 years old when i got it, had it til i was like 13

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    • everything. haha where are you from? over here its not a big deal at all.

    • United States

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