Girls, how can I make my feet smell really bad?

Long story short, my friend lost a bet, has to kiss the bottoms of my feet, and has been a bit of an ass. So I want my feet to smell truly truly awful when he does. Any advice?


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  • Wear shoes thats wet without socks. For best effects, wear it the whole day 😁 Or wear shoes without socks then get engaged in activity where your feet will sweat.

    • Hahaha I like it. But what kind of shoes?
      And how does them being wet make it worse? Should I jump in a puddle and go for a run for the whole day, and then have him kiss my feet. Haha

    • I think any shoes will do, like running shoes. Choose tight one as well. No, dry shoes then run, you'll sweat. Lol best of luck!

    • Hahaha. Thanks. xP Any other devilish suggestions? This unfortunately is not a one time thing for him. Lol

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