Girls, what do you think about waist training?

i always thought that it was just doing the most, but my friend has been doing it and she's had some AMAZING results, she went from being more top heavy to having an hourglass figure and she still eats whatever she wants and only wears it like 3-4 hours a day like half of the week. and its not the corset that squishes your organs and ribs, its a waist cincher, one that you can work out in.
im really considering getting one. i have a more bottom heavy figure and a curvy waist but i've alwayss had a stomach just can't get rid of it and my waist is always around 28-30 inches, i want it to be like 26 inches. what do you all think about it?


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  • I think it's just a fad. I doubt there's real results