Why do people judge?

Why do people judge others who have had plastic surgery? I have never had plastic surgery but I just dont understand why some people are so mean or judgmental towards the people who have had it. Or like this one girl in my college had a rhinoplasty and she is the sweetest and one of smartest girls I know. She isn't fake (she doesn't wear makeup or have extensions or anything like that. Also her personality is down to earth and just real not fake what so ever). She's also really beautiful but once she told people she had rhinoplasty some people were extremelly mean to her and she even lost a few friends. I just dont understand and wonder if someone else could explain.

Also if anyone knows how to change the age on here because Im in college but when I first joined I accidently put the wrong year for my birthday.


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  • Because it's part of human nature.


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  • i am, since it's unnecessary. and it tells me a person cares more about how they look than anything else. i wouldn't really be friends nor date anybody with extensive plastic surgery.

    • it was just a nose job nothing extensive but you still wouldn't date or be friends with her even though she's extremely intelligent, pretty and her personality is amazing?

    • intelligence is subjective. why didn't she have the smarts to accept her lot? with acceptance comes peace, and not every challenge can be overdone. personality is subjective too... if anybody is vain, i don't consider that good.

    • She defiantly isn't vain but anyways she now doesn't even tell anyone about it and no one knows or suspects. But I do understand what you mean and you make a very good point !

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  • its a human trait