How disgusting is this... another school shooting?

Another mass shooting in San Bernardino today. It's absolutley digusting man. How could someone take innoncent lives like that. Don't understand it.. politcal statement or not I can't fathom the idea of what posseses someone to go into a public area and start unloading rounds into women and children. I don't think it's an issue of guns.. I think the U. S. needs to take a serious approach on mental health.

I'm just waiting till the day an ATF agent comes to my house and confiscates mine.

How disgusting is this... another school shooting?
I always carry my glock on me at all times. I have a license to do so and it is my right. I've been trained how to use firearms in the Marine Corps and as a recruit in the police academy. It's my right and never want to give it up. What's your take on gun control laws?

We just had a shooting @ a planned parenthood facility on Nov 27th.

Disregard "School Shooting" I typed this out pretty quickly. Its a shame that shooting and school just seem to go hand in hand. This was a shooting at a government facility.


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  • I thought it was a shooting at a government facility providing services for disabled and not a school... not that it really matters I agree with your statement. But I'm fine with you carrying your glock, at least you know how to use it. I personally don't carry, it's just a choice that I made, I have nothing against people who choose to exercise their right.

    • Yeah it was my mistake. Look at the update.

  • If it makes you feel better in Syria seven times this number of people die every six hours or so.

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