Do you agree that if family members don't respect the decision of a family member that wants to be single for life than they are not true family?

Like I tell my immediate and extended family members all the time when they mention about me getting a girlfriend, etc. that I am not interested in dating, girlfriends, etc., that I want to be single for life and yet they still continue to bug me or make stupid jokes about my future wife. Like despite me telling them to stop, they won't respect my decision that I want to be single for life. They are not true family members since they don't respect my decision. Do you agree? It's my life.

If someone does something they don't want just cause there immediate and extended family members says so, that is sad.


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  • You sound aromantic! I totally agree that if anyone regardless of who they are can't accept you for you than they are a waste of time.


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  • hmm... same here. My family think its okay to judge and point out my flaws! I ignore as much as possible. Just play really loud music and ignore them. Don't try to even get near them.

  • Yes, I agree with you. If they really care about you, they should respect your decisions. They should understand you think that being single it's the best for you instead of criticizing or making fun of you. That's not good at all.

    • They don't make fun of me, Before I wanted to date, they made jokes about girlfriend and wives with me. Like for example, I am Latino. Half Ecuadorian half Argentinian and I was talking about with my family how I don't like enchiladas (that is Mexican food), and they told me , that I shouldn't marry a woman with Mexican heritage then because then I am screwed because I won't like her food. Like they don't make fun of me, but they don't respect what I want and they don't respect how I tell them to stop joking, or making comments about girlfriends or dating.

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    • You're welcome.

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