What are some unusual things you like to eat?

Is there anything that's a little strange that you like eating? One day I was really craving cottage cheese and honey for some reason. So I drizzle honey on my cottage cheese which I know sounds disgusting as hell but I actually like it. i also knew a guy who put ranch dressing on literally everything he ate. Even weird things.


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  • I sometimes like to eat French fries dipped in mayo.


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  • Tuna/Cactus Fruit/Prickle Pear.

    They are unusual in the sense you can't buy them anywhere unless it's at a beaner store.

    That or plucking them off a cactus.

    They're really good. Sweet and best eaten chilled. It's like eating a kiwi moderately filled with half-the-size pamagranite seeds.

    • Interesting! I would try that. :)

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