How can I move on from my crush?

So I have had a crush on a girl for about 3 months. Its been very mixed from what she's shown. She would show really good signs, but other times she'll ignore me. Its went pretty well the past few weeks. She's kinda played several times and said some things to me. I have caught few glances. She has also done small flirting her and there, but there are other times where its like I'm not there. And this is a lot, but anyway, the past 3 days she talked to me and was even kinda playful, and its went really well, but tonight at church it was like I was invisible. Absolutely nothing shown from her, no staring or nothing. She talked to other guys but not me. I mean other times there are good signs but tonight I feel like she has nothing for me. Despite all the other times she's really nice to me, even thinking about other times she doesn't seem to take notice in me a lot when I'm around. Especially this night, so I'm ready to give up. I don't want to be in agony anymore thinking about her. I mean I have tried, the other day I briefly walked with her between classes when I saw her, and we had a good friendly conversation. But seeing what happened now, I want to give up and move on. So if you know any way that I can move on from my crush, I need to know. I don't see much working with me and her, so I'm ready to move on.


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  • There's two roads you can walk down in this situation, in my opinion...

    1) You force the issue through flirting and escalation until you finally ask her for dinner. And she either says "sure" or "no thanks."


    2) You let her go and focus your energy on other girls who show more signs of interest.

    This is very important: There is no third option where you just tell her how you feel... because that's a garbage hollywood idea that doesn't work. Women don't care how you feel about them if they're not already totally into you. And since she's not then spilling your guts will only be embarrassing for both of you. I promise.

    So let's look at option 1: Escalation.

    This means you're going to have to flirt more heavily, tell her more funny stories while walking together in the hall, and invent a reason to hang out. Maybe she's good at math and you're looking for some help once night after school? Like a study buddy. Or maybe you're asking her for dating advice because this girl keeps flirting with you from soccer club, but you're not really into preppy jock girls, even if they're hot. (See, make up a story about a girl who's chasing you and ask her how you can let this poor girl down slowly...)

    Basically the idea here is to engage her more... not to marry her, but simply to engage her so that you can find out if she's really as cool as you hoped. Because girls can't fall in love with someone they don't spend time with.

    The key here is to not smother her with neediness, but instead to be calm and cool and fun while you chat her up on the rare occasions you see each other.

    Escalating means to keep pushing her closer and closer into your life. Hanging out is the first goal. Once you've managed, and if she's fun to hang out with, even if only once, then you say something like, "You know what... I'm kinda surprised but I like talking with you. You always came across as kinda unfriendly and I can't really say why. But you're really cute and fun. You should have dinner with me Wednesday night... there's this cute place I've been wanting to check out. Are you free then?"

    Either she'll be into it, or she won't. Then you'll know where you stand.

    Option 2: meet other women more worth your time is very much like option one except you focus on other women. Same thing... you meet and escalate until you're dating or rejected.


    I hope this gives you some ideas to play with?

    ~ Robby

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