WHAT DO I DO? I made a really big mistake?

I have "Retail Me Not" and one of the deals said if I spend a certain amount of money I get a gift card in return. I took a picture of my reciept and got on this website and made my account. Now I have a card sent to my address, and I am panicing right now. I tried calling the company but it was after hours. I searched the FAQ's and it said I can't cancel. WHAT DO I DO? I sent an email. I'm shaking. I'm scared.


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  • Umm.. Why r u panicking? It sounds like u should have a gift card in a couple days...

    • I know. I overreacted. I'll just call the company tomorrow and see what happens.

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    • Have you ever used Tango card?

    • Ummmm.. No.. I dont even know what tango cards are... Never heard of that store... Im not very financially responsible 😢😭😥😪

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