Do I not have many friends because they fear me?

I don't have many friends because 1, im socially awkward,
and 2 my off guard face is mean looking?

Almost everyone in my family tells me my face looks mean all the time and im just sitting there with a blank expression...

And my awkwardness
When i was walking to the lunch line in shcool a kid yelled my name and pointed at a girl as if he was saying "she likes you"
And i rolled my eyes that isn't very friend like is it?

also the same kid who said that rides my bus and didn't want to sit with me i could tell.. there was no other seats but mine and he stood up until one kid got off the bus and sat with someone else

Could it be people think im mean or something?

im 6ft1 249 lbs could my size scare them away?


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  • Yeah I'm like that too. Socially awkward, and naturally I just look like I'm in a bad mood. Not a good combination

    • about a year ago i even heard one guy say
      "Better not look at him like that, he looks like he'd bring a gun to school"

      i mean. . . .. ... I barely own knives..

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    • be hard to fake one but at least i will try

    • It's worth a shot

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  • All my friends (uh I mean subordinates) fear me but we still socialize. Put yourself out there kiddo! Eventually someone will like you