Please read it guys?

I feel choked from the neck and i just feel like writing this..
I am surronded by nice people but one thing is hurting me.. all of them are negative people..
They only see the negativity in everything. I tried to surrond myself with positive people but they were so mean and busy. i tried dating hoping it will fix something i ended up in the dreaded friendzone.
I lost interest in my hobbies and i am not motivated anymore to pursue it.. i didn't eat since two days..
I feel very down.. everytime i wanna help it.. it gets worst.. i always motivate people around me and make them feel better but deep inside me i am very despreate.. i don't show that to people.. i always smile like nothing.. :( i get nothing in return..
What to do?


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  • ah, you're not alone man. I got a new job a year ago, went great. I even started eating better, exercising... girls were asking me out even. Was awesome. Now I'm surrounded but crazy people. They sleep with other people's wives, tell each other off, yell in strange languages and I'm the only native English speaker. I'm so isolated. I don't have time to go out, etc. I've given up. Not eating right, trouble sleeping, now people see how upset I am and I'm more miserable that they point it out.

    So here is what I suggest for the both of us... what is our dream from when we were young? Mine is to travel, learn languages and make a decent living. I'm going to teach English abroad simply because it is my fantasy. Since it's a drastic change from my current life I will upgrade my education and if I enjoy it I know for sure that I must change my life like this.

    Do something you once loved. Right now it might feel stupid but just do it. We're almost 30 man... fuck it. Just live. We're not zombies. Figure out your old hobbies.


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  • You sound very depressed. I've been there. I think you should call a medical professional. I didn't and I suffered for a long time.

  • Try a therapist or life-coach

  • do the opposite...

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