Going Insane, Someone Please Help?

So my husband moved us to a new city, and since then life has been terrible. We couldn't get unemployment because we had to quit our jobs. We have no friends or family here, so finding people you trust with 2 kids is a crutch when trying to get and keep a job. Yeah daycare, but that's only during the day Monday through Friday, and very expensive when you don't have money. He finally got a job 4 months in but we are behind on bills, shit everything is just seem to be outrageously bad. We don't have insurance, and I have many health problems. I am going crazy just sitting here. I don't like not being able to do things. I'm feeling things I shouldn't. I am alone, have no one to talk to, and feel inadequate in a way that is making me depressed, anxious, unimportant, worthless, and so down I feel like scum. I'm a mother, and it hurts like hell knowing that I can't give my kids anything. Our income is lower than half of what we was making together all because he wanted to change. I can't take it anymore. My mind is all over the place and I hate my life right now. I feel like the foster child that was finally adopted by a great family, and a second late all was taken away from me. I NEED someone to talk to. I'm constantly talking to myself. I can't... I don't know what to do. I'm going crazy.


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  • well at least your not the only one! I am not a parents or anything like that but i am doing exactly what you are doing... which is not begin very helpful to my old folks... but i just can't that the difference between you and me. you want to help than help. I don't care to help. If you want to help get a job.