Would you get rid of sexual desire if it was possible?

Time for a little thought experiment :)
You are invited to an underground government facility, where an international board of scientists explains to you their creation. It is a tasteless, colourless, odourless chemical that reduces the frequency of sexual urges in humans by 90%-100%. It is relatively cheap, quick and easy to manufacture. It has no effects on human health whatsoever, i. e. no negative health impacts. The effects take place gradually over the course of three years. If the intake of the drug stops, sexual urges slowly become more frequent over the next three years, until the return to normal.
They have chosen you (in your infinite wisdom :P ) to decide if it should be used on the human population or not.
Note- it's not the intensity of sexual urges being reduced here- it's the frequency.

Option 1) Release the chemical into the water/food supply worldwide.

Option 2) Say no.

Option 3) Say no, but allow the use of the drug for medical purposes, or for people who ask for it.

Option 4) Say no, but agree to the use of a similar drug, which only reduces sexual urges by 40-60%.

Option 5) Say no, but allow the use of the 40-60% drug for medical purposes, or for people who ask for it.

Option 6) Say yes, but target specific areas/countries/continents only (90-100%) (say which if you can)

Option 7) Say yes, but target specific areas/countries/continents only (40-60%) (say which if you can)

I know this is sort of a stupid question, but I'm curious about what people think about global population change in the past century or so. Sorry I can't incluse an option for "Other" or a results button- not enough poll options :(
Thanks for answering, and think hard! :)

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Option 6:

    Target prison populations, and certain ex-convicts (rapists ect)

    And if someone WANTS it.. let them have it.


Most Helpful Guy

  • At this rate I don't see why not have the first option. There's already over 7 billion humans plus who knows how many other living things all sharing the same limited amount of resources available here on Earth.

    Otherwise if we had already been successful with colonizing other planets and established large amounts of Space Stations I would think maybe 3 since it potentially could help prevent overpopulation and further strain on the resources that available to everything and everyone on our world.

    But I hope it's actually covered by the government and health care and that none of those that wants it would have to pay out of their own pocket if they cannot afford to.

    Clearing or Wiping out ALL sexual desire would mean one big distraction eliminated, thus making the mind more logical organized in thought.

    Well for those that want it that way or prefer it that way, I don't see why not. I bet they don't want an additional distraction they have no need for.

    Don't know about emotions and those things but you never mentioned them so I guess they are still intact? Does it includes all form of physical attractions or infatuations? I suppose this would be a potential permanent fix or solution for those that suffered broken hearts or unrequited love.


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What Girls Said 2

  • no, no I would not get rid of my sexual desire it it was possible.
    That already happened a year or so ago when I was trying out a certain type of birth control. Basically prevented pregnancy by killing my libido and making me temporarily insane... I felt horrible. Like a shell of myself. Not much excitement or things to look forward to when sex and all the feelings associated with it, even if they didn't result in actually getting physical that time were gone.

  • no... to all of it. i like my sexuality. i would feel so weird if i didn't want sex. and i wouldn't do that to other people... that's unethical as fuck.

    • Forget about ethics! Think about the greater good! >:)

    • Menopause is still going to happen. We're still going to get old and not want sex someday lol

What Guys Said 7

  • voted option 3. not for me but make available for people if they choose it

    this made me think of the seinfeld where George was in a sexless relationship. because he knew he wasn't going to have sex his mind stopped focusing on sex and instead spent time on other things. in a few days he, and a mind uncluttered by the pre-occupation with sex, he was exceptionally smarter, astute and had more time to pursue learned activities... although the opposite happened for Elaine because according to Seinfeld, for women sex is like the trash man. they take it for granted that all they have to do is put it out on the curb and someone will come pick it up

  • And in that moment I would become the greatest whistleblower of all-time cause you better believe I'm snitching lmao
    I would strategically use this to spark a revolution by framing you, the government, by lying and saying you used it on the population >:)

  • I wouldn't feel comfortable deciding that for the entire human population. Although, I'd be ok with using it on myself.

  • You had my interest up to involving the government and trust in the same context

    • Okay, for the same of the experiment, let's say the government won't try any shit ;)

    • If it were an independent lab I would be open to desensitizing desires yes.

    • Mother Nature and Father Time will help me along with that eventually any way lol

  • I'm not going to like. I would be very interested in seeing what effects this has if it were released world wide. I personally would take this without hesitation. I would no longer be held down by so many things that hold down basically all of the world. I could finally dedicate 100% of my mind to knowledge and scientific advancement

  • As an single I don't have much to lose, and in overpopulated countries it would make a sense.

  • Option 4, just 40-60%, everyone is way too horny, people act like sex is one of the most important things. But let people want sex a bit to keep the population up

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