If you got a well paid job after uni, is it worth moving to a lower paid graduate scheme?

The graduate scheme could get me promoted faster as it almost guarantees a managerial position by the end of it but then again, I could still just as easily build up experience in my current role and apply for a more senior position when I feel ready.

  • Stay with the current job, build up experience and apply for a more senior job from there
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  • Move to a lower paid graduate scheme which is almost guaranteed a managerial position on completion
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  • Can go both ways... You can stay with your current jobs and at least you know what to expect. Some graduate schemes can be boring and although the pay is less, it may work out in your favor in the long term.

    I'm currently a graduate myself and if im honest, I would choose the graduate option merely because I'd become qualified and hence I should hopefully be able to move up the ladder through the experience too.

    But everyone is different, if you feel happy at your job and the pay is sustainable, keep it!

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