My girlfriends kid is not well behaved and it's getting between us because he doesn't respect her or any other adult (me). What can I do?

So the details aren't necessary so don't be intimidated by the length if you want to answer just read the main question please.

Alright so I don't want to discipline this child and his mother doesn't want me to either. So we are on the same page there. I don't really like kids so it would only look bad. But this kid is bad for 3. How can I make him listen to me? I don't want to complain to his mom about it, I'm the only guy she's dated who gives her son attention and plays with him so I started out strong, but she knows i dont like children. But she spoils this kid she can't tell him no and when she does he throws a fit until she gives in. I don't want to tell her she has to discipline him better ya know...

Also, while I was comfortable with her he punched. me in the face, and I reacted as I do with my nephews and I pinched his fat little chest and said no. He cried and she just looked at me and then babied him and did not let me forget my place... I know I have no say over there I'm not his father. (his father is just as bad as his mother).
Anyway help me please.


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  • Umm.. Well keep in mind, kids r bad at that age... "Terrible twos" ya know... But u should have a talk with her about how hard it will be to get him used to "no" at 16... I dont like kids either, so I don't know what to say tbh... And its hard to discipline a kid so young... And if your gonna be serious with this girl, u should have some "father role"... I would talk with her as in what is acceptable for you 2 to do in such situations...

    • We just started so I'm not sure if we will be serious or not, I want to be but still. I kinda agree it's just truthfully I don't want to. However if I can play with her kid for hours I should have some power over what he can and can't do when he interacts with me ya know. he is gonna have to respect me, and listen when I tell him not to throw hot wheels at me. And I like playing with him because it makes her happy and gives her time to relax but it's not enjoyable when a 3 year old thinks they are the boss.

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    • When u start loosing your cool, tell her its time to switch... She should understand.. And do the same for her.. When i get stuck watching a kid- i usually threaten to tell mommy.. It usually works too... lol

    • This kid doesn't respect mommy but I will try that next time. And yeah I guess asking to switch is easier than telling her to discipline him. Thanks.

  • It's hard I know but you kinda have to tell her to discipline her child cause you wouldn't want to be around a spoiled 8 yeard old trust me.

    • Well we haven't been together so long I'm afraid it will turn her off. Should i still do it, or maybe wait a few more weeks then do it?

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    • It takes time for a mother to trust someone else with their kid and tell her that sge should respect your opinion

    • True. She is stubborn and prideful too so I should wait.