How do I stop crushing hard on someone?

I'm crushing really hard with someone. I want to stop liking them becuase my crushing hard is making my life difficult to concentrate and it's also impossible to work out. This crush is also becoming somewhat unhealthy. I only talked once with her briefly. The hard thing is, even if I move on, I'll still will be seeing her and my crush I have for her could return. How do I permanently stop crushing hard on her?

I haven't crushed this hard for a long time. It's honestly really pathetic of me as an adult. The worst thing is, doing my hobby makes me think of her more because she sort of is into my same hobby. Any advice?


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  • why would you want to get rid of that feeling? Whats the worst thing that could happen.

    • I think you should go for it <3

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    • Okay. You got a point. I will try. Thanks! :)

    • Thanks for MHO
      she's deff into you by the way ;)
      but you gotta be inviting and not cold. she's a shy girl.. lol
      smile at her don't forget to say hey

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  • Try asking her out. That way either she'll be your girlfriend and you'd be happy, or she'll reject you and make you feel sad but your crush on her would be gone! My advise might not be the best but it solves problems.


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