I need some good, honest opinions on this chapter. Do we have any readers here?

Okay, so here is the link.
You probably will not understand much since it takes place in the fifth book, but if you like fantasy you might enjoy a fragment of this. Any constructive feedback will work. Thank you.

The link was wrong. Let me try again.
It's part of a series by the way.


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  • Sure, I'll read it.
    Give me some time, I'll be back ^_^


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  • The link worked, I just x'ed out the username password thing.

    I'm not much of an reader, but I was starting to like it.

    • I see, well if you liked that part then I guess you'll like the other four books.
      1. The Price for Power
      2. The Eye of Genesis
      3. The Roads of Time
      4. The Dragon-Incarnate
      But yeah, thanks.

    • I'm sure, but I always loose interest in reading books. It's like I always have something else to do.

    • ... even if I don't.

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  • I was just reading it and I'm no expert but I think the periods and commas aren't in the right places.
    You should use smartthinking. com because creative writing specialist will tell you what mistakes you made

  • U should write and post on wattpad:)

    • I'm afraid people will steal my work or something, otherwise, I would.

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    • As for the copyright, the moment I wrote it down the work was copyrighted, but still. . . well, I don't know. I might give it a try for feedback I suppose.

    • People on there give all kinds of feedback. :)

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  • send me the link and I will read it

  • It was quite the intriguing read. I would like to see the others you speak of.

    • I have not published them yet, but I strive to do so. The real problem is the QUERY; this is essentially life and death. If they like your letter they will accept you--if they don't then. . . well, that is where rejection throws off many writers. I got rejected once already, but that was a year ago when I was not skilled enough. But I am not giving up.

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    • Do you know any good editors, or publishers? Any contacts? Anything will do. I just need someone to at least help me on this, someone who knows what they are doing, and is able to get me into the publishing industry.

    • Hmmm…... Not really, but give me sometime. I know a few people who may be able to help.