Do I need to have taken HS computer science for this?

So, I think I may have screwed my self over. I'm in grade 11 right no0w, and I took computer science last year, but this year I didn't choose it and was still indesicive as to my uni major, up until now. I want to become a climatologist, but you need computer science for it and there's no room for me to take it cause I go to a Catholic school now, and have to take religion. I don't know what to do? Am I going to have problems if I never took grade 11 or 12 computer science? I'm teaching my self to code python right now, so willself teaching will help? I don't know what to do I'm freaking out cause grade 12 course selection is in January!

I men, my grade 10 computer science teacher said that you don't have to take it in HS to take it in uni but uni comp science is hard so taking it in hs helps so much more

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  • I have a college diploma and a bachelor's degree in computer science and I don't remember high-school computer programming courses being a prerequisite to getting into university. Academic math certainly was though. Then again, that was more than ten years ago.

    • My grade 10 computer science teacher also said it wasn't necessary, I was just freaking out cause I felt like I wouldn't be prepared enough for the computer science course that's a part of that program but yeah, I'm taking uni math rn (not doing too well cause I make stupid mistakes and the only thing we get are tests T-T I'm at a 78 rn 😕 hopefully I can bring that up )

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  • You don't need to take it in hs in order to take computer science courses at a university. Just make sure you don't fall behind on your math courses, and you'll be fine when you graduate.


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  • people who say is going to be OK is not ok
    will you see is going to be mare hard and you might fail
    computer science you should probably one of the class