Funniest drunk or high moment?


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  • I've had quite a few. One of my favorites is waving around a bag of open pretzels then making a snow angel.

    • Enjoy suffering from liver failure.

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    • Lol that guy complaining honestly entertained me more than probaly any story could. Not because he was"fighting a good fight" or any bullshit like that but because of howbplain ridiculous he was wtf

    • @Jmarx RIGHT? MY. GOODNESS! What the fuckitty fuck! It's like his main mission was to bicker and be argumentative for no legit reason at all. smdh

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  • I don't do drugs, I don't smoke and I don't drink alcohol. Go ahead and down vote me like I care. I am proud of who I am and I don't need to follow the crowd.

    • @Esplorare
      Just because you are smart on paper doesn't mean you are smart in real life. Look at steve jobs, Bill Gates and so forth they don't have degrees. So your degrees mean nothing.

      And it's not a complex, it's a fact I am literally better than you because I do not drink alcohol. If you were smart you wouldn't be weak minded. You are a blind sheep that follows the crowd.

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