Can you be heartbroken over someone you only knew for a short while?

A month to be exact. We went on two dates and everything went well but then he suddenly stopped talking to me without any explanation. I wasn't all that interested in the beginning but after he started ignoring me, I realized that I liked him. I kept wondering why he just lost interest like that because he was the one to initiate the whole thing in the first place. I'm not sure if what I experienced were actual feelings, a wounded ego or maybe a mix of both but it still hurt and I wanted to know the reason. After 3 months, I finally got the answer when we ran into each other one day and had a chat, as it seemed like both of us wanted to clear things up. It all turned out to be a big misunderstanding, which is actually pretty funny. We're both exchange students and both from different countries so our approach to "dating" is slightly different. All this could have been avoided if we had just been clear about what we wanted from the beginning. But back to the original question, I thought that if I knew the reason he was ignoring me I would just get over this whole thing but now that my exchange studies are coming to an end, I feel so sad. I'll probably never see him again and now I'm left wondering what could have happened if things played out differently. Why am I feeling this way? I barely even know him and yet, this whole situation affects me so much...


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  • Yes, it's possible. More so at your age.


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