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There's this girl I know, and I noticed that everytime I like someone, she starts to flirt with them or tries to make me jealous. There was this guy I liked at the beginning of the year, and she started to flirt and mess with him and whatever. And I moved on because I realized he wasn't worth my time and I start showing interest in someone else. She notices, and starts flirting with and hugging him. They've never really even talked to eachother before? What's the reason someone would do this?


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  • She's either a biatch or she has something against you.
    Do some logical thinking: What happened between you two? What do you have that she doesn't? Do some investigating.
    Maybe try to avoid showing interest in a guy when she's around.


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  • I don't know but maybe make friends with a guy who purposely reject her and then go for u. It can be real or a joke. And get back at her. Lol


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