What should I do?

I have a crush on someone in the college. The problem is he's a senior and he could be twice older than me (that's fine by me). I'm pretty shy type of person and I have no idea what's his name but I know what's his class in. Sometimes, I secretly took lots of pictures of him when he's nearby me. (You can consider me as a stalker._.)

Any suggestion what should I do?
I'm scared that he will think that I'm a weirdo and ugly


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  • Show him the pictures and say "I KNOW ALL ABOUT YOU MUHAHAHA" and start making out with him

    • is it bad that I'm laughing because of your opinion? because i can't imagine i'll do that to him xD

    • Nope it's not bad! Laughing is good for you.

    • well xD thank you for your opinion. I'll take it

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