Did this guy take it to far or is he justified?

What's your thoughts on this video?

WARNING : possible offensive language


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  • This guy is simply rude and being an asshole. First of all, the whole thing is indeed none of his business. He has NO idea about where these people's money is coming from. It could be that a relative or a friend gave them a little bit of money as a gift or it could be that somebody else lent them money to buy scratch tickets for them.
    Also, on a completely different note, I find it absolutely disgraceful how this guy steals these's folks food and deliberately picks on poor people when really, the American government is waisting money for so much worse and unnecessary stuff. Poor people already have it extremely hard in America and there's really no justification for making their lives even harder. Instead of being mean to poor people, maybe he should question things like the army who spend literally half of all his tax dollars.


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  • Lmao there's no way in hell that he would've taken anything out of my cart and gotten away with it. It's none of his business what they used to pay for their groceries. Idiot.

    • I think his issue was the fact they bought lottery tickets, that being said it could've been other guy they were with who bought them as others stated.. he still acted ridiculous regardless

    • Doesn't matter what they bought. It's none of his or anyone else's concern. He overstepped big time. People need to mind their own business. Period.

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  • Wondered if it was real. Who wanders into a volatile situation carrying a movie camera in one hand?

    As for the issues addressed, others here have already addressed some of the misperceptions that were possible. But it does seem bad that someone would use taxpayer paid for welfare to buy groceries and then have money to use to "invest" in lottery tickets.

    But it is not illegal. On the other hand, stealing meat from others is illegal. So the moron just recorded his own crime.

  • You'll never change the way people think by sheer weight of belligerence... Never happened, and it never will...

    • And did anybody notice that there were two men, and one woman, and thinly there were at-least two parties involved other than the jerkoff that was apeing out? So conceivably, one party may have been buying groceries, and the other was buying the lottery tickets?

    • that is very possible male 2 bought them good point

  • He is a scumbag that needs his ass kicked.


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  • He was definitely rude and it was none of his business but he is right. Also he did not need to get out of the car to steal their food. You spend all that money on cigarettes and scratch offs and then there are people who work who are paying for your groceries and very well might be struggling themselves. If you can buy cigarettes and scratch offs then you can buy groceries your own.

    • If the American government chose to invest its tax money more wisely, there would be no single person in the country who'd have to even apply for food stamps and stuff like that. And idiots like this guy in the car are the exact same people who vote for right-wing politicians who do everything they can to make the rich even richer and stomp down on people who struggle in life instead of helping them. It's a hypocrisy that is so bad it stinks from miles away.

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