If you made a TV show about Native Americans, what would it be like?

Comedy? Drama? Where would it be set? A reservation? A Native living in the city? What would be the plot? Would it have a full Native cast or a diverse cast? Or would you give them a white love interest to make it more comfortable for white viewers?


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  • I would probably make it a drama since I don't like comedies very much (99 out of 100 comedies are simply crappy. It's very challenging to make a good, smart comedy).
    However, more important than anything else, I would watch out really, really well not to accidentally step into any clichée-traps. Native Americans in particular had to endure more than enough stereotyping by the media and pop culture.

    • What's your favorite comedy? That 1 in 100?

      What would the plot be like?

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    • As for the movie you're talking about... I don't think I can come up with a good story just like that. If I could, I'd probably not be sitting here anymore and typing this cuz I'd be working on a novel :-). I think I would try to make a movie about native Americans struggling to adjust themselves and assimilate to the American culture but, at the same time, trying to stay true to their own culture and customs. It's a topic that is still very important even now, 250 after European settlers stole these people's lands. Contrary to love dramas that Hollywood has shown us thousands of times, I think this is a type of movie that could - if it was made well - still genuinely touch people, make them cry and make them think about the whole issue more than they probably do today.

    • If I had the money, I'd definitely contact a (Native) artist who can come up with a good screenplay for this. I've only seen one Native American on TV, Jacqueline (or Jackie Lynn) from Kimmy Schmidt. She's born Lakota but dyes her hair blonde, puts on contacts and goes to NYC to live as a white woman. She speaks a few words of Lakota, but it's really just a subplot. The actress who plays her is white. Those who play her parents are Native American.

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