What is god all about anyway?

I mean, you know, how does god work?

No, you may not say, "In mysterious ways".


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  • God is about love. God is about forgiveness. God is about promise. God works by you having a relationship with him. Talk to him. Pray to him. Seek him. Put him first in your life. Become Christ like and be an example that people can see. But do not force it on them. Don't scream it at them. Just be a light and that will attract the ones who are open to see. Let the down votes rain!!! ☔😉

    • Sadly I've yet to meet one truly Christlike Christian. Or one that was even trying!

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    • I'm so totally jelly of you.

    • Lol you're silly😛

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  • "In mysterious ways" is a euphemism for "He doesn't actually exist"


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  • In my beliefs, there probably isn't such a thing as God. There's just no proof. I think it's best to just set out and work for what you want.


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