What is going on in my head?

Every time as soon as I try to go to sleep all the time I remember each girl who had slept in my bed but haven't got close to third base (if you know what I mean ;) ) then just randomly disappears like what is going up there in my head?


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  • Yeah, the brain will come up with random things before falling asleep. I usually think about sex while I'm drifting off. My girlfriend likes to listen to audiobooks she already knows well to keep her mind from thinking about stressful things. If it ends up bothering you, you might try that.

    (masturbating before sleep can help too, of course)

    • Yeah bud like I do that sometimes still happens tho..

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    • It's not as bad when I do it just the off nights

    • Yeah... brains. Can't live without 'em.