Is it normal to feel inadequate when you meet "perfect" guys?

is it normal to feel inadequate when you meet "perfect" guys? I know no one is perfect, what i mean is that these guys are really attractive, really tall, have great bodies, are gentlemenn, really friendly and smart.

I get this feeling of self hate whenever i have talked to them.. how come they are so great, but dont have a girlfriend?


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  • I generally ferl like girs think it's too good to be true in the first place.

    Inadequate is no the right word, inferior rather -

    what if he is super educated has a great general knowledge and you can't talk abou the things he likes to talk about e. g specific topics like episodes of world history?

    Feeling inferior is always wrong -what if such a guy has no optimal self esteem in reality? and thibks he is the inferior one?


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  • I could tell you stories for days about how truly mentally and spiritually imperfect those guys are deep down. I have been around guys like that my entire life due to two very handsome big brothers who've always had very handsome friends and spending a lot of time hanging around my uncle's boxing gym from a young age. Among some of the guys I've encountered who fit your description, one of them is a registered sex offender for sexually hazing a freshman and sticking his fingers up his anus with other team members. Another one of them was sexually abused from ages 4-7. Another one has so little morals that he manipulated a girl who had the biggest crush on him into sharing her virginity with him AND HIS FRIEND in the most objectifying, perverse, tactless way. He hid in the closet and jerked off while he watched his friend sleep with her. Many guys who look perfect on the outside are so used to relying on their looks that they don't know how to take it to the next level in other areas of self. So with this said, there is really no reason for you to feel inadequate towards random strangers who may not be nearly as outstanding as they look on the outside. Don't be so quick to give attractive men credit they haven't earned. You never know what they're really made of.

    • Well they are nice people and act like a gentleman.. so I have troubles thinking they are bad people. .. but it ofc Just be an act for all I know

    • @Asker Don't be na├»ve. There are many nice people who act like gentlemen and later it comes out that they're child molesters, rapists, money-launderers, wife beaters, and more. A lot of people seem nice and act very decent with manners but there's something more sinister beneath the surface.

    • Well sure.. but im not going to go around and wonder if they are child molesters or not lol

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  • Oh I normal assume they are taken! But I feel ya!!

  • Yea i've always been super self-concious anyway, let alone when it comes to guys i think that fit that description. Wish i wasn't that way, but unfortunately i can seem to change the way i think.