How to be a nicer person? Also how to know take my anger out on other people?

I'm an asshole. I take my anger out on everyone, I even take it out on people on gag when I have my really bad days

I know my triggers (shit that makes me angry) but even then.. I get angry as fuck.. Every little thing pisses me off

I do want to be a nicer person but there's only so much anger I can keep in before I gotta let some out

any ideas anyone? Would really appreciate it


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  • I would say you need to channel it somewhere good. Do you have something you are passionate about? Or just something you really like to do? A sport can do too. Anything where you can express your anger in a way that isn't harmful to you or anybody else. Something you can do that will calm you down.

    Meditation is something that you could consider because it brings you so much peace if you do it right. You have to learn how to let go of your anger. Because it is so bad and poisonous, it will only make you feel the most awful things. And it pushes people away.

    The fact that you want to change and do something about it helps a lot, but maybe try and find someone who can help. Be it anger management or a psychologist. Anyone who could help you with it. Or something you can do that helps you take out your anger and frustrations.


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  • Have you thought about going to anger management?


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