What would be the difference between someone who saves money and a cheapskate?

Putting gender aside, how would you distinguish a person that spends his/her wisely but saves it for important stuff vs a total cheapskate/stingy person?

I heard that people that are overly frugal are already borderline cheapskates.


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  • A cheapskate buys $20 shoes and replaces them multiple times each year.

    A financially minded man buys $90 shoes that last years.


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  • A money saver is gracious with their money and understands that people are more important than things even if they resist wasting money on unnecessary things.

    A cheap skate believes money is more important than people and will refuse to give their grandmother rides to the hospital out of a fear of paying for gas.


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  • Cheapskates don't WANT to spend money, mostly for selfish reasons. Money savers don't want to spend money because they might be spentbetter on other things. Money savers weigh the pro's and cons of spending.

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