Moist and dry scalp?

So for the past 3 months my scalp has been super itchy, and if that wasn't enough a part of my scalp is moist.

Anyone know why its moist?


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  • There could be many reasons.

    • Well.. yeah...

    • So... you gonna give us more to go off of or... You know what? Nevermind.

    • Yeah, I think its best

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  • Dandruff is a fungus. That's probably what you're experiencing.

    • Bit it isn't flacking?

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    • Unlikely. Suddenly and without reason over the past 90 days with no prior reports?

      More than likely not a basic case of dandruff. It's recurring and generally occurs because the body naturally produces too many, or too few, oils alongside environmental factors or even how one wears their hair (dreads, matted, etc.) but randomly? Nah.

    • Im suspecting stress to be a factor to be honest and weather changes (I moved 3 months ago )

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  • Buy some head and shoulders.

    • I want to know what moist thing is or why it happens

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