G@Gers: The Art Challenge?

I am sure the G@G community holds a lot of good artists or enthusiastic ones at least.
So let's see your artistic skills! Post a picture of one of your drawings, paintings or even quick doodles that you have done in the past or recently for fun.

The masterpiece with most upvotes is MHO :D

Okay well I'll post some of my works but they're all pretty old as I did them when I was younger between 12 and 17 years old. Only the unfinished portrait is recent :P : http://imgur.com/a/rTMZE
I wish I could MHO everyone you guys are crazy talented.


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  • https://imgur.com/3lufHN7

    It's still in progress though haha. I blurred out the note because my last name and instagram is on it!

    • I love this!!

    • Thaank you! 😄🙈 it would be really cool if you uploaded something yourself! :)

    • Thank you for the upvotes and mho 😄 you are quite the artist yourself there, I love your style! 😍👌

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