Would you get depressed and finally broke if this happened to you?

Your niece dying before she was born. Your friend replaced you with another girl so you lost you friends. Your family didn't have time for you. You were always alone. You had to be strong and hold in your feelings so you could help others. You have held your feelings back your whole life.


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  • I think I would get depressed.
    That said there's no reason that any of that has to "break" you. You'd be surprised how strong you can be and there's no reason why you can't move on from everything you said.

    Regarding your anxiety, I know how you feel. It makes everything a little harder to deal with. I take two anti depressants each morning and my doctor has raised the dose 3 times so maybe I'm not the best source of a cheerful speech but I can promise you that it does get better and that you CAN move on from this.

    15 is still incredibly young.

    • I started dealing with this when I was 13

    • I'm sorry to hear that. I think I started to deal with my anxiety and depession at about the same age.

      It still doesn't have to break you though.

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  • No honestly that doesn't sound too bad.

    • Think of when your 15 now and having to deal with this I started dealing with all of that when I was 13

    • Maybe your age is the main factor, try not to dwell on things you can't control and talk about what you don't like your parents doi.

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  • Just remember, there are people who always have it worse. Illnesses, amputations, disabilities, etc. Your young, and most likely healthy. You have your whole life ahead of you and you are only 15. Your friends in school now, you won't even see them in 10 years. Focus on setting yourself up for a good long term life, you're in school that's the time to be in sports and focus on your academics. You either make your life better, or you make it worse.

    • Ok I have ADHD , anxiety, mood swings, learning disability, ocd, dermatitis,

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    • @asker Are you in a wheelchair, pissing in a bag, or dying of cancer? Those are all minor issues you listed. The governor of the state of Connecticut overcame a learning disability, and his opposition candidate also has a disability with his face. It's good you accept your issues, but don't blow them out of proportion. People bury their children in war zones, or they see their young children disabled for life due to a bomb. Your life isn't bad, and high school will be over in 4 years. It's a very short chapter of your life, so make the best of it and do well for yourself. A couple of pills for psychological issues isn't a big deal. I have tinea versicolor, I just ended up getting it in my mid-20's and nothing seems to make it go away. Truthfully it's nothing though, just makes my skin dry and rough but it's nothing lotion can't take care of. Dermatitis isn't a big deal.

    • I'm not trying to insult you, I am just trying to put your life into perspective. Sometimes people need blunt truth.

  • Just end it all... You know what's traumatic PTSD and anxiety adjustment disorder from 4 tours to the middle east. That's Fucking tragic

  • Pft. This is life on easymode. I had it way worse.


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