Should I go to this trip or no?

So my school has arranged a trip but for only about 10 girls of the school and I was picked. And my dad is telling me to go because I can only go to that place once and im gonna have fun but my mom is telling me no. Its my choice but im confused. And the day after the trip will be a hard exam and the trip will be 12 hoursbut its not that important. I wanna go because the place is wonderful and I will go with my bestfriends but I don't wanna go because of the exam and something feels off about my mom like she is telling me "in my opinion don't go" I don't know.


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  • You can always study on the bus ride over.

  • Go! you'll regret it if you don't.

    • But my mom is telling me no in the way that she feels something bad will happen.

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    • No, you can't just stay at home incase something bad happens all the time, or you'll never leave the house and never have fun.

    • But its just this thing that my mom feels bad about it

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