Were they in it together?

I used to be seated beside this girl, (who was seated beside this guy). The guy I wasn't really sure whether he did/didn't like me, but I know the girl seriously didn't.

Suddenly they both became friendly (I realize now girl's doing), and they both turned really rude to me. Like they'd ignore me and talk to each other, stuff like that.

I now wonder if during classes that I missed, (and I missed a lot of them), the girl probably smirked and muttered, "where IS she?' or something, the guy laughed sensing this would get him closer to the girl, and they both were a team.

Because up until the end I never understood why the guy did it, even though a part of me did understand why the girl felt the need to behave a particular way.


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  • Like i give a shit, honestly you young people of today are so pathetic and sad, stop obsessing over pointless rubbish, you sad cow stop whining and grow up

    • You know what I find really amusing? It's always the 'like I give a shit,' people who give a shit ten times more than the average person when the same thing happens to them.

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