What is your favourite non human or animal kind of ghost?

There are other kinds of ghosts which aren't the lost spirits of living things, however they may carry the spirits of humans, animals and sometimes... other things.

So here's a few examples:

What is your favourite non human or animal kind of ghost?
Ghost Ship:

Ghost car

Ghost space ship:

Ghost castle

Ghost cave

  • Ghost train
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  • Ghost ship
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  • Ghost car
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  • Ghost spaceship
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  • Ghost castle
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  • Ghost cave
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  • Other
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  • Are these fake pictures? I'll say it's the legendary Shanghai-la , the Chinese il luminous city from the old ancient times, the wise one says, it's been buried under thousands of feet of desert sand but another form of the city exists in a higher dimensional realm 😖

    • Yes they're fake. I had to go with second choice ghost cave too because first choice kept erroring when I tried to add it.

      That's an amazing answer - second in a row from you. I've underestimated your broad range of knowledge. And your story scares me. I'm never going to China again.

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    • I do like the tea a lot

    • Thank uiuuuuuuuuuuuu

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  • The only ghosts that exist are demons. Normal human souls do not remain as ghosts, nor do animals' souls remain behind.

    • It wasn't meant to be taken literally. It's like asking what your favourite star wars character is. They don't actually exist.

      But thanks for being the only person to answer