Any of you experience sleep paralysis?

Im going to make this a short video, it is not a video I want to do really.
Hello youtubers, what I may show you, or rather tell you may shock you.

In my past I have did a lot of bad things, and others did the same.
I don't see why this relates to this but I felt like telling you that anyway.

In my past with sleep paralysis I have most of the time had dream paralysis.
In these dreams I would see no people, but rather hear them muttering nonsense and laughing too.

I tried to shout out help, I couldn't because the force was so great It felt like nothing anyone could do in reality.

As time went on I found out ways on how to overcome sleep paralysis.

I would first then look at a supposable point where fear is draw into.
The object was always still in the dark, never moving.

I would then ask it to move but it doesn't.
Usually these objects would resemble people, but not really so much as to move.

During the day time hour ever, I couldn't see anyone or anything.
So I smiled, even raised one eye brow and after moments of smiling and no fear I was let go.

One morning I saw a cat on the bookshelf and it was gone when I broke from the paralysis.

One night I had a sexual dream of me doing oral with a beautiful woman.
She sighed at me when I was finished, "then there was this powerful force pulling me up.
I was like WTF, am I dead?
Then I saw this group of angels smiling at me with these joyful faces.
I asked "where are my ancestors?", they didn't answer instead they looked at me sadlike and I went back down.

Then I got into another sleep paralysis.
I panicked so hard, I thought I was going to hell but actually fell back into my body.

I then saw angel went through the ceiling and it asked me "need a help up?".
I made a joke and said, let me bite your hand?
Then he replied "I guess not". Then I was like "wait wait!", then he came down and I reached out and he vanished.
When I broke from the paralysis I felt an energy I've never felt before.
I turned on my computer and deleted all my porn without desire to keep them, something I wouldn't normally do even when I'd try to quit.

I ate some food I'd enjoy normally but put it back into the fridge, then ate something I wouldn't enjoy normally, a red apple. It was good.


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  • I have, scared the shit out of me. This would be a good topic for a YouTube video

    • So shame I can't fit in more of my terrible sleep paralysis.
      There's more...

      I then played a strategy game I enjoyed a lot but normally couldn't beat with friends.
      I ended up winning a lot easier, using units I wouldn't use normally. It was fun.

      Even my fowl swearing mouth changed into a calm polite decent accent.

      During my time at high school I didn't have these feelings however, I believed it would be cheating if I had any help with my natural art talent.

      When I went home my positive feeling returned, I could sleep easier and longer too.
      Everything was normal.

      I was also playing an Runescape Private server with friends at the time.
      I was the best well knowned player on there until the shut down.

      Over a year later the server reopened but everyone was resetted but that didn't stop me.
      Eventually new players came about and updates.

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    • This actually happened though, I was raped during a dream paralysis by an unseen entity.

    • Well I won't be getting any sleep tonight 😬🔫

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