Help! I've fallen inlove with my Bestfriend?

I've Fallen Inlove with my Bestfriend.. I Spend almost every waking moment with Him, Im almost 99% he doesn't feel the same but he's impossible to read. Were Close to the Point we'd sleep over at eachothers houses, Same Bed, No Problem, Till One Night something Happend.. It strained our friendship for a good year, and I've finally gotten him back in my life, But I really have deep feelings for him What Do I do? -Sleepless In Seattle (Lol)

Well Last year He and I ended up taking a really Long walk and it was cold out so we went back home to warm up and took a hot shower and we ended up being eachothers firsts...
We've talked about it, Sex just isn't all that appealing to him, he wanted to wait till marriage but we ended up making love. it was both our firsts.


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  • What happened?

    • Yeah, talk about holding details.

    • @nakedalligator well in the update to put it bluntly we had sex with eachother in his shower on Thanksgiving.

  • I think it's safe to say he feels the same way, unless you have reason to believe otherwise.

    • It strained our relationship for a whole year this was lastyear we were both eachothers firsts and I honestly not sure he's hard to read

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    • well its pretty normal he doesn't treat me much differently except for little jokes here and there but I really have feelings for him that is the problem. as for the dumb and horny it really wasn't just a quick fuck we ended up showering and Making love in his room it was sudden and spontaneous but sweet and sensual

    • Well maybe you should talk about it, sounds like you're trying to pretend nothing happened and are afraid to try for more.

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