I'm jealous of girls who get oral sex from their boyfriends, How come most guys don't do it to me?

That is not the question
unfortunately my questions rarely get answered on here. All I see is sex and race questions get answered on here.

My real question is: There is this guy who was rude to me and I did nothing wrong. Why was he so hostile towards me? All I did was tell him how I felt and he texted : "I really need you to stop "

So I deleted his number


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  • For whatever reason he sounds like was just really frustrated with women in general. Maybe he is mad because he can't get what he wants. Maybe you tried a bit too much with him and he has a hard time politely letting people down. Just realize whatever problem he had, it is his problem. You are under no obligation to understand or correct his attitude. Just forget this guy and move on!


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  • Well, what do you mean by tell him how you feel? If you mean telling him that you have feelings for him, it might be that you made him very uncomfortable and he wanted you to leave him be. Or if you mean telling him about how you were unhappy, maybe that was bringing him down and he couldn't listen to it.

    • I told him I want to get to know him

    • Maybe he's just not interested. It's kinda rude but hey, better than getting to know you if he doesn't want to.