I waisted a whole year chasing a guy who didn't care about me?

I feel really stupid and embarrassed for chasing some guy I like who made it a point to dated a bunch of girls and shove it in my face. I've never dated or had a boyfriend before and I'm a virgin so I'm not sure what I'm doing I just thought I would go after my crush but I didn't know if get hurt so bad. The thing is he used to stare at me everyday like he liked me and show up everywhere I was on campus. Now I feel as though he tried to hurt me on purpose. I'm pissed off at my self for letting him kind of make me feel dumb and feel unwanted. He is actually the first guy I've ever liked and I'm 24 so I feel really hurt from it. He really shut me out and let me see him talk to a bunch of other girls. Did he do it to hurt me? I've never did anything to him by the way. I feel so ashamed.


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  • skua blyat!

    • Huh?

    • It's suka blyat (russian) meaning Shut up bitch/whore.
      Don't forget to check your spelling next time, cool kid. @I_Own_You

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  • Let it go honey and take it as a lesson.
    You're not stupid but love is and he is the one who should feel ashamed because he didn't appreciate your feeling for him.
    Beside playing with other people precious emotion is nothing to be proud of but ashamed of.
    Hoppefully one day you'll find someone who who will appreciate your feeling.
    Now the best thing to do is to ignore him and act like you never knew people like him that's what he deserve. It's not hard to do so but don't try hard.
    The staring thing is what some asshole player do to keep you in controll.
    Don't give him a second of your thought and keep carry on your life.