Did my friend make this girl feel self conscious about her eating pizza and would you girls feel the same way?

Last night i was a little gathering with my friends. There is this girl their that is good looking and also not fat at all. So her and my other friend dont get along and he seen her eating pizza slices, i guess at a fast paced lol and he said "damn, jessica how much pizza are you going to eat, maybe you should leave some for the other people". Now they both dont like each other so she told him to f*ck off and well that is when the trouble began. Before the night ended i was talking to her and he came beside me and said "make sure she doesn't eat you bro", then she got mad again but it was weird cause she got mad then sad. When he left she told me she wants to talk to me one on for tonight. It liked like she was about to cry :(

Would you girls feel the same? She probably wants to talk to me about what happen last night i assume so i was wondering how i should go about it?


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  • Just listen to her needs.

    • see i posted this because she texted me "do you think i need to lose weight". i mean she is pretty damn healthy to me and i dont want her to not eat. i mean who cares if she ate a lot of pizza lol, she is not fat at all. i guess i can tell her that in person

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